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school rules

We expect parents to support the Governing Body and Staff of Strubenvale Primary School by ensuring that their children abide by the Rules of the School.
1.Pupils are to adhere strictly to the correct uniform requirements. This incorporates the specific uniform requirements for the various sporting codes.
2.Regulatory hairstyles and appropriate use of jewelry must be adhered to.
3.When pupils are in school uniform, whether at school or not, they are to conduct themselves in accordance with the School’s Code of Conduct and abide by the rules of the school.
4.Pupils may not willfully damage, deface or steal property that belongs to the school, fellow pupils or members of the staff.
5.Pupils may not litter the school grounds. Dustbins are provided for litter.
6.Pupils may not bring cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, inappropriate reading material or narcotics on to the school property or to be found in possession of any of the above mentioned.
7.Pupils may not smoke, drink alcohol or use narcotics while in school uniform.
8.Indecent behavior, be it of an immodest or obscene nature, will not be tolerated.
9.Chewing gum is forbidden.
10.Pupils may not eat or drink during class time.
11.Members of Staff are to be addressed as Ma’am or Sir, or by using the full surname of the staff member prefixed by Miss., Mrs. or Mr. Lack of respect will not be tolerated.
12.While addressing a member of staff, a pupil is expected to stand, whether in class or outside the class room.
13.English is the medium of instruction and pupils are encouraged to speak English whenever possible.
14.Pupils must walk quickly and quietly and in a single file, keeping on the left when changing classes.
15.Pupils are to line up quietly outside classrooms and only enter when invited to do so by their teacher.
16.Homework is an integral part of a school day and should be neatly completed and ready for inspection on a daily basis.
17.Pupils may not talk in Assembly or while lining up for Assembly or when lining up after breaks.
18.Pupils must provide a note from a parent or a doctor’s note on the day of return after an absence.
19.Pupils must provide a doctor’s note if absent from school during formal exams/test periods.
20.Pupils may not leave the school grounds during school hours without the permission of the principal.