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foundation phase

The foundation phase is probably the most important phase in anybody's life.
As the name suggest it is the foundation that your child's school education is built on.
At Strubenvale Primary we strive to give your child that good foundation for his/her educational life. It is the years that will determine the child's views of themselves and the world. It can determine their later success or failure in school and work.
Therefore it is important for the parent/guardian to play an active role in the child's forming years by being involved.
Supervise your child when he/she is doing homework or learn for tests. Make sure that your child read a lot as this is fundamental towards your child's future.
The following subjects are taught in the foundation phase:
Grade R Subjects:
  • Home Language - English
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
Grade 1 - 3 Subjects:
  • Home Language - English
  • First Additional Language - Afrikaans
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
  • English is the language of instruction.
  • Afrikaans is taught as a second language.
  • isiZulu was introduced as a third language.
Life Skills
  • Beginning Knowledge
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Personal and Social Well-being
Information Technology (Computer Skills)