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Natalia Tour KZN – Gr 6 – 2017


There I stand…… in the parking lot of Natalia. Arms folded waiting for the bus to arrive with 61 kids on board. I have mixed feelings… Am I going to enjoy this trip milled through my head. Then I see them, I see the happy faces…And I knew this is going to be fun, fun, fun!

Mr. Theron jumped out first, “then a pile of happiness” – the Gr6 Learners.

Quick introductions were made. Riccy and Given are our guides and seems capable (beyond our imagination) to be in control.

A quick room allocation and rules followed and of we all went to our dorms to unpack. We met at the assembly point and now the proceedings start.

At the Illovo beach, everybody swam in the ocean and Riccy and Given were magnificent looking after each child in the waves. Even Mr. Theron had a good swim. Me: I had to stand knee-deep in the waves guarding the non-swimmers. Then shower, dinner, ice-breakers etc., etc., etc.


Quick breakfast filling our tummies (We don’t want the sharks to feel that we are not fed enough in case one of them accidently feed on us). It was truly an amazing and scary sight to feel and see a shark close-up (They were dead actually – but still scary). Then we were off to the crocodile farm. What an amazing tour guide at the crocodile farm. He even had a live little croc we could touch! His brief on crocodiles were excellent and very interesting (even the story on how he lost his 2 fingers). Lunch were “croc burgers”. I’m only joking… juicy chicken burgers and cold drinks. I think some teachers back at school hoped that me and Mr. Theron would feed the crocks with “you know what”. I thought only girls would be petrified of the little live croc but you should have seen the boys!!

Then swimming, swimming, swimming ……dinner.


We took a morning stroll on our beach and experienced the most amazing sunrise. Oeeee and my favourite activity today was going on a sea cruise from Durban Harbour. It was a lovely day and the children enjoyed it so much on the boat. “Regrets teachers at school – all kids accounted for after our trip” Ha Ha. Then swimming and lunch on the beach at Amanzimtoti at the Thirsty Wale. And we swam and played until we were tired.


Breakfast – again a scrumptious “brekkie”. Hop on the bus – uShaka here we go! ♫♪Under the sea, under the sea…♫♪….

Aquarium – was very informative and we saw beautiful fish. We even saw our National Fish in real life, the Galjoen. The penguins were cute but hiding in the shade as it was warm. At the dolphin show one of our learners got to play with the dolphin on the dolphin stage, and he preformed his part like a professional.

Right! The business of the day is done – now “Eita! Let the fun begin!” Finding our assembly spot and laying down the rules, the kids scattered out to all the rides and just had “fun, fun, fun in the sun!” All too soon the day was nearing the end. “Sharp sharp! uShaka we see you soon!”


Rise and shine!! Oh boy what a week. It was wonderful and my mixed feelings got eaten by a shark…or could it have been a croc???

Homeward bound at 7:30. Even though our bus broke down and had to wait 4½ hours for our new bus – it was very enjoyable and Mrs Jacobs (that’s me) even got in a little nap next to the broken bus wheel while waiting!

We arrived at school 18:45 – sad and happy all at the same time – Sad it is over and Happy to see our loved ones!

Writen by - Mrs. M Jacobs